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By | March 25, 2016

To start things off, we are on vacation right now so I am recording this podcast with my iPhone 6.   Hope it turns out ok.  I will have to wait to upload it when we get home. Because of this I am going to keep this short and sweet.

So, let’s get this out of the way first, before we left on vacation I was down to 316 lbs.  Yep, finally started to lose the weight.  Let’s see how much I weigh when I get back home.  Last week at work I was walking around without my cane and I was actually able to bend over (carefully but able to).  In fact I waxed our Flex before we left.  With no cane and I had to bend over copiously for that.  You heard me……..copiously.

But I am afraid I PROBABLY SCREWED UP MY BACK AGAIN WITH that 14 hour drive over here.  (Should have taken 8 hours BTW). This vacation was supposed to be a celebration of my feeling better, a celebration of being done with total, joint replacements, a celebration of my pinched back feeling much better.

However, (that’s a big however) with the two hip replacements, I have read that I need to get out of the car every couple of hours so as not to cause a blood clot.  That’s a serious warning. Either way, this vacation was maybe ill advised.  I feel I have gone backwards with my back and getting my body into shape.  I’m back to needing the cane in order to walk again.  It’s not just needing the cane so walking doesn’t hurt, right now I am needing it JUST to walk. Maybe I will be able to rest and repair along the trip.

My wife and I have always looked at vacations as an adventure getting to where we want to be.  Ya know, it’s all about the trip and not so much about the destination.  We have always taken back roads and avoided freeways.  We would stop at any and all the historical markers we came upon.  It’s my feeling that this is how you get the feel for what the area is like.  I don’t think you get any feeling cruising at 70 along an Interstate.

Furthermore, our vacations usually consist of me hauling around my iPad mini, my wife’s iPad, and a laptop.  Plus all of the charging paraphernalia that goes along with that.  It is usually in its own rolling suitcase.  Not this year.  Ok, admittedly I do have my iPad but only my Surface and my wife has her iPad.  We bought one of those smaller backpacks with only one strap.  What do you call them?  I don’t know.  But everything fits in that easily and it is not heavy at all.  Big improvement.  I hate to say this but it all starts with only needing the Surface.  It is truly a laptop/tablet replacement.

SUNDAY, Our first day of the trip, WE WERE HEADING EAST ON I-80 IN pa AND WE HIT CONSTRUCTION AND A COUPLE OF ACCIDENTS.  FIVE HOURS LATER (AFTER WE WERE ABLE TO GET OFF I-80) WE WERE ABLE TO MAKE OUR way on a two lane highway through the mountains.  we were on the road for 14 hours.

Monday we ended up in Corning, NY.  Corning is a wonderful little city in Southern NY.  They consider themselves a part of the Finger Lakes Region but if that is so it is at the extreme southern part of the Finger Lakes.  It’s only about a 20 minute drive from PA and it quite hilly if not technically mountainous.  Yes, Corning is the home to the Corning glass company.  They have a huge modern facility here and it looks to me that they are able to keep the economy around here rolling along.  Everything and everybody looks very busy.

Their downtown has a really neat little square in the middle of it and the main street runs along the river.  They even still use the old rail tracks that run between the main street and the river.  I truly believe though that they run this train along the downtown every few hours only for the atmosphere of having a train chug along with all its noises and such.  I don’t care.  It works.

Well, we stayed an extra day in Corning because first it was so nice and second I had to rest my back.  What a great little town.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we returned sometime for a longer period of time.  One thing I think is evident though, our years of putting on untold miles during our vacations (I think) are over.  I think it’s going to be get there and stay then come back home.  I think our vacations are going to have to be restful as opposed to adventures.

BuddyWhen we get home our dog, Buddy has to have surgery to remove some tumors.  A couple are really huge and one is hurting him when he walks.  So I will upload this podcast as soon as I can.  Then I will work on the next podcast.  I want to talk a little about my joint replacements and how they are progressing one year, eight months and four months after the surgeries.

Take care everybody and we will see you next time.

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