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By | March 25, 2016

The name of this episode is success.  I truly think most things in life are relative depending on your point of view.  Success in weight loss can be 2, 10, 20 or more pounds.  It can be one pound if you have been plateau(ing) like I have been lately.  In this case success is in the form of four pounds.   From 322 to 318.  Like I said I have been essentially plateau(ing) even with all the exercise I had been getting.

Exercise….there is another relative term.  To a lot of you out there that can work out daily going to physical therapy and walking 3000 to 4500 steps a day may not be exercise.  You should be able to walk like that in your daily routine.  Very true.  But I am finding out some facts of life as they pertain to me.  Let me spell them out to you here:

  • During my replacement process (where I had emergency hernia surgery, two hip and one knee replaced) I became so immobile that virtually every muscle in my body lost its strength.
  • I know in order to get any semblance of a life back I must regain strength in my core muscles (to say nothing of the rest of them). Heck, in order to not let my spine become a crippled mess I have to do this so it has gotten very basic for me.
  • I tend to be really impatient. I want muscle tone tomorrow.  Maybe even today.  I remember when I could work out and make gains pretty quick.  But remember I have no muscle tone so I am starting from scratch.  Remember also that I am 61 years old.  Finally remember that (actually I am the one who should be remembering this point) I have to take small steps.  I have to work at it (for sure) but it must be a gradual process.

I have been forgetting point three.  The gradual process and I have been paying for it.  All my adult life I have had to deal with charley horses in my legs.  When I am fortunate they are in my calf or hamstring.  When I am not so fortunate, they are in other places (like my groin area).  They don’t hit during the day….noooooo, they hit around 11:30 at night or 1am.

I have had days of 6000 steps and even 8000+ but I have had to deal with the punishment the next day or two.  I even had a 9000+ day because of work but I had to pay for it for the next three days or so.  I just have no stamina yet.  I’m finding that if you have no strength, you also have no ability to self-repair during the night.  I feel the progress every day (unless I get stupid and go backward for a day or two).  That actually is what keeps me going…..I do feel progress every day.  I feel a little bit better every day.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I was going to get an injection in my spine to help with the pain and the pinch.  My Doctor explained to me that it will not cure my ills.  What it will do (hopefully) is relieve my pain so that I will have a window that I can work out in and get that exercise I will need to build up my core strengths so that I can go on from there.

I don’t mean to be melodramatic but I do feel as though I am fighting for my life (as I know it….you know, the one where I can walk (?)).  The neuro-surgeon made it pretty clear that if I don’t get my strength back I will be forced into a wheelchair eventually (and sooner, not later).  Besides, as I have alluded to before here, who wouldn’t want to go through life approaching their retirement years mobile, walking, doing all the things we all take for granted?  Who wouldn’t want that?

healthSo, I have lost 6 pounds and I am considerably more active.  I use an app on my iPhone (6) what is it’s name?????? uhhhhhh oh, it’s the Health app that came with the phone that keeps track of my steps every day.  I can see how many steps I have taken so far in the day and if it is not as many as I want I will go for a walk when I get home….or go shopping with my wife.  Costco is usually good for an additional 1500 steps or so.  I guess the important thing is that if you look at my progress since the last hip replacement surgery, I have shown steady gains as the time has gone on.  It has its ups and downs to be sure but you can see the trend is definitely upward.

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