LaL3 Health Apps and Restless Leg

By | July 13, 2015

Gary at the Minion movieFirst of all I am going to bring attention to the pic at the top of this podcast.  It shows me standing next to a real live Minion last Friday when my wife and I played hooky and to in the film.  As you can see I got to meet a real Minion.  The movie was a hoot.  When asked by someone what I thought of the movie I answered — BOOYA!  To think I didn’t even know what a minion was (or is) before July 4th.  I still can’t believe I went to that movie wearing a yellow shirt.  I did not plan that!!!!

Now for my weight issue.  To be honest I am losing but putting some on.  I seem to be bouncing all over the place.  I have set up my iPhone with a couple of apps that (hopefully) are helping me with this.  They are “My Fitness Pal” which I have set up on my iPad mini and my laptop that I use as my main computer.  To be honest, I don’t like the iPhone app.  I have an iPhone 6 and when I input my meal info it turns out to be on tomorrow or yesterday.  All of a sudden I go to input the next day’s info and it is already full with yesterday’s meals.

Yes, I do look to see where I am inputting it.  I swear it says today.  I don’t have that problem with the iPad so that is what I am going to start using.  I also start work tomorrow and I use my iPad throughout my day for notes and whatever so it will be easier just to use that from now on.  The second app I am using is just called “Heart” and I am pretty sure it came with my phone.  I did set my phone settings to count my steps.  I will make a video to show you how to do that and share that with you next week.  FYI my weight this week is 326.

For the past 10 days or so I have tried to stay away from bread.  Seems easy doesn’t it?  For sure it would be easier than it was when I went on that first no carb diet and dropped sugar.  Actually it is pretty difficult. I backtracked once about 4 days ago..

It’s been 13 months since my total knee replacement.  Last night I was trying to fall asleep. I was laying on my side and suddenly my kneecap (actually right in the middle of it) I had a point of burning.  It was a sensation of burning that was intensifying as I laid there.  So I stood up and it went away.  Just for good measure I stayed up and read my Kindle for a half hour.

So what caused the burning?  I looked it up in Google. There were several forums describing this particular pain.  Man, after reading these entries, I begin to realize how lucky I have been and how many people have problems post-surgery.  My problems have been pretty much limited to suffering through periods of restless leg (and arm and whatever).

I’ve had issues with restless leg since my last hip surgery.  I have had restless leg after all three of my replacements.  It only lasted maybe a month the first two times.  This time for whatever reason is different.  It has been lasting longer than it has in the past and I had been controlling it by standing for as much as an hour at a time.  I have tried many things to try to relieve my restless leg.  When I was first confronted with restless leg after my knee replacement I tried taking Ibuprofen.  I thought that worked but in time I realized that it didn’t.

It only seemed to bother me when I was laying down in bed so I tried to just sleep sitting up.  Mostly that is how I coped with it for my knee and to a certain extant for my first hip replacement.  I even tried taking a hot shower one night at 1:30 and then going to bed but that only worked once.  I ended up spending many a night sitting at my desk listening to soft music in my earbuds hoping I would fall asleep there.  Hopefully that worked and I would awaken around 3-4am and go back to bed.  It played havoc with my sleep clock I gotta tell you.  Then one night I was reading a forum online concerning this very problem after total replacement surgeries.

And voila! I read that maybe if you stand up for a half hour or an hour or so before going to bed, that may work.  That should be easy I thought because I could work at my standing desk until I am ready to go to bed or I could just take my iPad and read a book on my Kindle app for an hour.  No problem.  Did it work?  Stay tuned to next weeks episode………no, no, I wouldn’t do that to you.  Yes it worked.  And I have done that ever since.  At first I would try to go to bed and then end up getting up and standing for an hour+.  Now I just do that before bed for only 15 to 30 minutes.  Sometimes I get engrossed in the book and stay longer.  With work starting next week I probably will be able to stop that because I will probably be exhausted enough not to need that.  But, considering the positive health benefits I will continue if I can.

Then lastly I am making this a 10 minute podcast from now on.  Once per week.  I have too much to say I guess for just 5 minutes.  So we’ll see ya next week everybody.  Thanks for downloading and listening!!

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