LaL7 Success

The name of this episode is success.  I truly think most things in life are relative depending on your point of view.  Success in weight loss can be 2, 10, 20 or more pounds.  It can be one pound if you have been plateau(ing) like I have been lately.  In this case success is in the form of four pounds.   From 322 to 318.  Like I said I have been… Read More »

LaL6 Lose and Live

  Ok, what’s going on with me?  As this podcast and time goes on I am seeing that I don’t have three health issues here.  I have one health issue:  weight loss.  And a lot of it.  I have had three total joint replacements since June 2014.  Two hips and a knee.  I thought that was an issue but its not……the best thing I can do for them now is… Read More »

LaL5 Corning and Buddy

To start things off, we are on vacation right now so I am recording this podcast with my iPhone 6.   Hope it turns out ok.  I will have to wait to upload it when we get home. Because of this I am going to keep this short and sweet. So, let’s get this out of the way first, before we left on vacation I was down to 316 lbs.  Yep,… Read More »

LaL4 My Exercise Ball and Gardening

The start I am recording this on Tuesday July 14th.  It’s sort of a milestone day today because I walked over 5600 steps today and when I went to bed I still had only consumed 1125 calories.  I’m certainly not hungry and as the day goes on I am thinking of work and not a snack.  So I hope this is a harbinger of things to come.  I do know… Read More »

LaL3 Health Apps and Restless Leg

First of all I am going to bring attention to the pic at the top of this podcast.  It shows me standing next to a real live Minion last Friday when my wife and I played hooky and to in the film.  As you can see I got to meet a real Minion.  The movie was a hoot.  When asked by someone what I thought of the movie I answered… Read More »

LaL2 Let’s Set Some Ground Rules

Okay, welcome back to our second episode of You Can’t Replace Everything.  That is the working title.  I am open to suggestions.  I’ve been racking my brain because I think I need to give this podcast a title that tells you immediately what it is about, especially if this is to become an actual podcast.  That is the intention after all.  Okay, last week I told you what I want… Read More »

LaL1 You Can’t Replace Everything

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on getting The Help Desk Podcast back up and running and also on a little special project I would like to talk about right now.  I have been away for so long and I want it to be a better quality podcast that better engages you the audience.  I am also going to add an experiment to our podcast website. … Read More »